oracle如何创建用户|Oracle如何创建新undo表 Oracle创建新undo表空间最佳实践

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1.对于ORA 600[4194]的解释


1.对于ORA 600[4194]的解释:

The following error is occurring in the alert.log right before the database crashes.

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [4194], [#], [#], [], [], [], [], []

This error indicates that a mismatch has been detected between redo records and rollback (undo) records.


Arg [a] - Maximum Undo record number in Undo block

Arg [b] - Undo record number from Redo block

Since we are adding a new undo record to our undo block, we would expect that the new record number is equal to the maximum record number in the undo block plus one. Before Oracle can add a new undo record to the undo block it validates that this is correct. If this validation fails, then an ORA-600 [4194] will be triggered.



Best practice to create a new undo tablespace.
his method includes segment check.
 Create pfile from spfile to edit
SQL> Create pfile="/tmp/initsid.ora" from spfile;
 Shutdown the instance
 set the following parameters in the pfile /tmp/initsid.ora
 undo_management = manual
 event = "10513 trace name context forever, level 2"
 SQL>>startup restrict pfile="/tmp/initsid.ora"
 SQL>select tablespace_name, status, segment_name from dba_rollback_segs where status != "OFFLINE";
This is critical - we are looking for all undo segments to be offline - System will always be online.
If any are "PARTLY AVAILABLE" or "NEEDS RECOVERY" - Please open an issue with Oracle Support or update the current SR. There are many options from this moment and Oracle Support Analyst can offer different solutions for the bad undo segments.
If all offline then continue to the next step
 Create new undo tablespace - example
SQL>create undo tablespace  datafile  size 2000M;
 Drop old undo tablespace
SQL>drop tablespace  including contents and datafiles;
 SQL>shutdown immediate;
SQL>startup nomount; --> Using your Original spfile
. Modify the spfile with the new undo tablespace name
SQL> Alter system set undo_tablespace = "" scope=spfile;
. SQL>shutdown immediate;
. SQL>startup; --> Using spfile

oracle如何创建用户|Oracle如何创建新undo表 Oracle创建新undo表空间最佳实践

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